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Concerned About the Planet and People? So are We. 

Speaking out on issues that impact the world is in our DNA. But it takes a lot of voices to be heard. That's why we are launched BuyingPower!


BuyingPower! will not only provide insights and ratings about brands and everyday products but will also allow your voice to be amplified with thousands of other voices demanding change.


We will identify corporate campaigns around child labor, climate change, and other issues where corporate behavior is critical. When we all speak with one voice it will find difficult to ignore.


The Campaigns We're Currently Involved With.

Sweatshop Labor

CEO to Worker Pay Ratios

Carbon Offsets

Power Up! Tune In! Speak Out!


Better World wants to make this a better world, and we want to team up with you. Each day we hear more and more news that is detrimental to our world. Sometimes, as an individual, you may feel hopeless and that your voice doesn't matter. Well, it does, especially when we all speak with one voice.


Below are some of the causes and campaigns we have been involved with. But there's much more to do. And it can only be done with you!

  • Better World Club endorsed Carbon Tax with Dividend. Better World Club opposes AAA on Oregon Clean Fuels Act.

  • Better World Cub asked Congress to close a $100 billion corporate tax loophole, Supported Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program.

  • Better World Club supported California’s continued efforts towards a 3-foot passing rule for bike safety.

  • Better World Club spoke out against and asked members to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

  • Better World Club protested the Citizen’s United ruling by signing a “Business Statement In Support of Government by the People,” along with leaders from Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s, Utne Reader, and Green America; 

  • Better World Club helped fund and publicize a project to transform used tires into trail-paving material.

  • Better World Club supported Senate Bill 910, a bill that would have amended the CA Vehicle code to require drivers to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing. 

  • Better World Club opposed Prop. 23, which would have suspended California’s greenhouse gas emission laws.

  • Better World Club helped protest anti-environmental lobbying by Toyota. 

  • Better World Club urged the EPA to update lead emissions standards.

  • Better World Club Supported a Massachusetts proposal to legalize Pay-by-the-Mile auto insurance. 

  • Better World Club testified in support of legislation requiring the state of Oregon to regulate the greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles.

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