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It is often said that change is the only constant in life. It'll happen with or without you. But deciding what change looks like requires us to first imagine a world that does not yet exist. To reach for new possibilities and envision a better world than the one we have today.


In order to drive change in the right direction, we need to work together. To connect with likeminded people who share our values and speak with one voice in order to slice through the chatter. Join us in a conversation that imagines new possibilities and drives the change we need to create a better world.




When Better World launched in 2002 our mission was to provide a better alternative to AAA and their Highway Lobby allies. Better World Club President, Mitch Rofsky, took the consumer advocacy lessons he learned from his mentor Ralph Nader, and along with Todd Silberman, successfully began to address the concerns of drivers who wanted a better alternative.

While our tagline, Driving Change, continues to represent our legacy on the road, we feel it goes far beyond roadside assistance. Better World Club is changing to meet the challenges of our time. We are working to become a platform for your voice, to share information, and drive the conversation forward.

Our goal is quite simple. We are moving Driving Change from a tagline to a call to action. It's not about adding a ‘social good’ component to our marketing agenda, it’s at the core of who we are as a company. It is the common thread that weaves through a growing number of services from our roadside assistance and insurance, to BuyingPower! and travel services. 

Driving Change 

Better World Club is launching Driving Change in 2020 as a blog and podcast where we will host a conversation with thought leaders and changemakers who are working at the forefront of imagining and creating a better world. Sign up here to be the first to know about the launch.

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