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Last Minute Travel FREE with your BWC membership!

(Normally $50)

Save the cost of your Better World Membership after just a night or two at a hotel!

Offset Your Travel

Did you know that an average commercial domestic US airline flight releases more than 1,700 pounds per person of harmful greenhouse gases (like CO2) into our atmosphere?


Use the tool to calculate how much carbon you’ll be generating on your next trip. Better World Club pays it forward by offsetting your carbon emissions for roadside, insurance, and national park memberships. Consider doing the same for that next family vacation.


We believe the first priority should be reducing your direct carbon emissions, but sometimes that just isn’t possible, so we think quality carbon offset programs are a positive step toward mitigation. Better World Club has been a pioneer and advocate of carbon offsets. We have been certified by the Climate Neutral Network since November 2000.

What Is a Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset is an investment into a project or action with the goal of eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Offsets allow individuals and companies to pay the cost of their carbon footprint. Carbon offsets fund programs that actively reduce emissions through innovation or restoration. Sites like landfill GHG reclamation projects, industrial-scale recycling, and reforestation are examples of programs funded by carbon offsets.


Carbon offset programs, like our partners at Climate Clean, support methane reclamation projects (such as landfills), industrial recycling programs, carbon sequestration technologies, building retrofits, clean energy installations (like wind and solar), and environmental restoration and reforestation projects. We have a lot of work to do to clean up what we pump out, and we’re all going to need to chip in to create our better world future.

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