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Better World Club travel

Travel services and insurance.

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Our partners, World Travel, provide domestic and international booking assistance for flights, hotels, and car rentals as well as Travel Protection plans. World Travel is a sustainable travel company.

After you fill out this form, a travel consultant will get back to you within two business days. Remember there is a minimum $35 booking fee for domestic booking; a minimum of $50 for international booking.  

DIY online booking is available for free through our eco-booking engine.
BWC purchases carbon offsets for every flight booked through BWC's booking engine.

Need Personalized Assistance?

Fill out our Travel Booking and Consultation form

Explore the USA or the world all you want with our travel insurance

You want to travel! You want to take off and explore big cities, adventure into national parks, relax on a beach, or engage cultures around the world. Maybe you even want to volunteer. You also want to know that you can change insurance plans, or hunker down, in case of a disaster abroad or domestic emergency.

Life is exciting. Life happens. Travel insurance covers both.

Our Travel Protection plans are brokered through World Travel, a partner and sustainable travel company that also provides personal travel booking for an affordable fee.

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers non-refundable travel expenses due to cancelation and trip interruptions and can cover medical expenses not covered by your insurance, lost baggage items, and other unexpected travel-related expenses. 

Travel is one of life's great joys. Book your travel plans, and protect your travel investment with Travel Insurance.

Get a Quote!

Or call toll free at 1.866.238.1137 (Mon-Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST).
Questions? Check out our FAQs or contact World Travel.

It's a beautiful world out there  

Take the time to explore and be inspired, and remember to explore locally!  Your home is beautiful too. 

We offset the greenhouse gas emissions for all flights booked through our booking engine.

Stop bookmarking your trips, and go for it!

We also offer Travel Consultation and Vacation Booking Assistance.
The minimum cost is $35 for domestic and $50 for international booking

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