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Roadside Assistance by Wallet Hub 



We're changing more than just tires. And we want you to join us!


Years before hybrid and EV cars and trucks arrived on the scene, we were advocating for a better solution to the pollution generated by driving. And, so have our members.


But you are special. You have really put your money where your mouth is by driving a hybrid or an EV. And we want to reward you for that.


Better World is giving you 10% off your membership. Not for a year, but for every year you drive a hybrid or EV.


We have the same great service as the other guys, we’re just better for the world. Our roadside services for cars and bicycles (by the way, we invented bicycle roadside assistance when we opened our doors 19 years ago) are 100% carbon neutral, we donate 1% of our gross revenue to the environment, advocate for sustainable transportation policies, and we are the only B Corp member in our space.

Better World Club provides 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for hybrids and EVs as well as gas powered vehicles, and bicycles in all 50 States. Plus, we cover Canada. It doesn’t matter where you are, what car you’re in, or who is doing the driving, if you get stuck and need help, we will be there.

Additionally, Wallet Hub ranks us as the #1 roadside assistance company in America. That places us ahead of AAA (not even in Wallet Hub's top 10) and Good Sam's.

Take a look around our website. If you like what you see we invite you to become a member. And you'll get 10% off the lifetime of your membership. All you have to do is click on the link below to start the process. And, don't forget your car's VIN number as that will let us know that you drive a hybrid or EV!.

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