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Better World Club Green Insurance Covera

Better World insurance. We have you covered.

Insurance Quote Request

Thank you for your interest in Better World Insurance. Please fill out the following five step form below as completely as possible. You should receive a quote within three business days. If you need your quote sooner, please indicate so. Thank you!

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(Many insurance companies require your SSN because they base your premium on your credit rating. Sad but true. We wish we didn't need it but it's necessary to give you the best quote).

YES! I would like a Better World Insurance Quote


Personal Contact Information


Personal Data

Your driver's license is required to confirm your driving record. If it is not included, we cannot stand by the accuracy of the quote.

 For the State of Massachusetts report up to 6 years 


Additional Household Drivers 

 For the State of Massachusetts report up to 6 years 


Household Vehicles


Current Coverage Details 


Additional Comments  

IMPORTANT: To help us assure the accuracy of your quote and reduce our need to bother you, please provide us with any further details such as the following: Vehicle details (i.e., VIN), the driver's license number of additional drivers, the expiration date of a current policy, usage details (commercial use, commute length), whether you'd like your current coverage levels to change, and if so, how, and any other comments that we cannot discern physically.

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