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The history of Better World

Better World Club was founded over 20 years ago by Todd Silberman and Mitch Rofsky. 

Todd had a long career in the travel industry, co-founding the third-largest travel agency in the U.S. before it was acquired by American Express. Mitch dedicated his early professional life to public interest policy, working for Public Citizen. Mitch was involved in the creation of a number of important progressive business institutions, including the National Cooperative Bank and Working Assets Mutual Funds. Mitch was the first Chair of Business for Social Responsibility and served on the Board of the American Sustainable Business Network, which is a coalition of responsible businesses.

Mitch and Todd saw an opportunity to work together to create a membership club for socially and environmentally responsible consumers. It all began with providing sustainable alternatives in the auto insurance and roadside assistance industries. Better World Club has continued to grow from its early days through the efforts of its dedicated staff building a suite of sustainable lifestyle services - spanning every aspect of travel - whether driving to work, flying around the world, or riding a bike.

Currently, Better World Club is led by its President and CEO - Adam Itzkowitz. Adam brings a wealth of experience in social enterprise and nonprofit leadership. Adam co-founded Greenlighted  - one of the first socially responsible shopping platforms online, and was a recipient of the World Summit Award for advancing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Adam previously served as the Executive Director of the Orbis Institute, a non-profit community leadership organization, which supports the next generation of community leaders.

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