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Consumers have the Buying Power to change the way business does business. But We don't always know have the information we need to make the decisions we that aligns with our values.

BuyingPower! gives you that information. The information you need to do good. The information you need to build a better world.

Welcome to Impact Shopping and Better World Club's BuyingPower!




Ratings as Easy to Understand as a Traffic Light

Ratings should be easy! We use a traffic light to inform you about the social and environmental performance of a company and their products. And, of course, we will have plenty of supporting data and details available for you to review in-depth that back up our recommendations.


BuyingPower! is Unique:

  • Most social ratings of businesses are at the corporate level.  BuyingPower! will provide ratings at the product level when we see differences.    

  • BuyingPower! will rate the best and worst products on a series of criteria

    • Environment and Climate Change

    • Health and Safety 

    • Labor and Worker Rights

    • Animal Rights and Social Justice


Lifestyle and Travel Discounts—Today!

From your cell phone plans and personal care items to clothing and electronics, we search high and low to find you the best deals to meet your impact lifestyle needs.

  • Home, phone, and personal care 

  • Groceries, banking, and outdoor gear

  • Clothing, pet care, and more


Buying Power! will not be limited to product ratings. We will also identify corporate campaigns around child labor, climate change, and many other issues where changing corporate behavior is critical.

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