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You can't totally erase your carbon footprint,

but our carbon offsets can help reduce them. 

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Carbon offsets are a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting environmental initiatives that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of emissions somewhere else. These projects can include renewable energy development, reforestation, and carbon capture.


How Does it Work?

Carbon offsets are purchased as a certificate or credit to fund the reduction or removal of a specific amount of carbon in the atmosphere. By purchasing these certificates, we are able to "offset" the impact of our own carbon footprint by reducing the same amount of emissions somewhere else.

Are They A Real Solution?

A carbon offset is not a silver bullet. We can’t just buy our way out of the climate crisis. And offsetting carbon is not a substitution from making meaningful lifestyle changes. However, carbon offsets are very likely to play a critical role in any comprehensive solution to the climate crisis. Offsets are a significant step toward putting a price on carbon and providing funding for much-needed environmental projects worldwide.


Not All Carbon Offsets Are Equal


We work with independent agencies to purchase carbon offsets that are 100% Gold Standard Certified.


What is the Gold Standard?


The Gold Standard is one of the most highly respected standards for carbon offsets. It was established by World Wildlife Fund and other organizations to ensure that projects that reduce carbon emissions meet the highest environmental integrity and contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The Gold Standard certification process verifies that offset projects achieve real, measurable emissions reductions, and have verified impacts.


Better World Offsets


By purchasing carbon offsets through Better World Club, you are able to mitigate the emissions associated with your vehicle and other activities for your on the move lifestyle. 

Carbon Stats

The average American produces 20 Metric Tons of CO2 per year

Average international flight produces 1 Ton per passenger.

The average Vehicle in the United States produces 5 Tons per year

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