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Roadside Assistance Membership Questions

How does your roadside assistance work?

When you have a breakdown, you call our 24/7 phone number and let the agent know who you are, where you are, and what you need; they will find someone to help you. Contact information for the service provider will be texted to you. If you do not have texting services, let the agent know so they can call you with the details.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No. We cover the payment to the service provider. You are only responsible for overages that exceed your benefit limit.


​Does BWC have coverage in my area?

BWC has coverage available in all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. We contract with a network of over 52,000 vendors to cover all corners of the country.

How long does it take for a truck to arrive?

Our average response time is about 57 minutes. We always strive for a goal of 30 minutes in urban areas and 60 minutes in rural areas. Of course, response times will vary according to weather, traffic, accessibility of the location, and nature of the call.


Will you take me to my mechanic?

Yes. We will ask you where you want to go. You will be taken to your home or the nearest qualified provider. If your personal mechanic is a comparable distance to the nearest qualified provider, we can take you there.

What kind of vehicles do you cover?

We cover automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, E-bikes, and RVs. We will cover you in any vehicle, provided you have the corresponding coverage. Please note that some large pick-up trucks will fall into class 2B (see chart below) and will require RV coverage.


Our RV plan is also a large vehicle plan that covers vehicles that require a medium-duty service truck. Here is a chart from the Federal Highway Administration that shows the classifications of vehicles. Our RV plan will cover classes 1-5. We do not cover commercial vehicles.



Do you offer fleet services?

Yes. Commercial vehicles will not be covered unless you have the fleet program. For fleet information, click here.


Do you have portable chargers for electric cars?

Not many. The device is rather inefficient. At this time, it will take about 30 minutes to charge the car for approximately a 5-mile range. If you require a charge for an electric vehicle, we will tow you to a charging station or home. The tow will not be covered if you intentionally run out of charge.


Do you deliver parts?

No, we do not deliver batteries or tires. If you need a new one, we can tow you to a shop where you can purchase one. We cannot guarantee the quality of the delivered parts, so we will take you somewhere where you can purchase one.

Do you have same-day service?

No, it takes three business days to activate a Basic membership and 30 days to activate a Premium. We do not cover breakdowns that occur before you become a member or that occur outside of active contract dates.

How many times can I call for service?

Each member is entitled to four service calls for the membership year. We do not sell tows; we provide a service that provides the member with help after common breakdown situations. Service calls are not transferable and will not roll over into the next year if you do not use them. Roadside assistance works like insurance, and if members only joined when they needed service, our prices would have to be much higher. To maintain fair and reasonable membership dues for all members, the Club reviews all unusual frequency of claims based on average member claims. Usage determined by the Club to be excessive may result in limitations on the number of claims allowed, a downgrade, non-renewal, or cancellation of membership.


What happens if I need more than four calls? 

If you need more than four service calls, we can still dispatch service, but you will be responsible for paying for the service. You cannot renew early or purchase a second membership to obtain additional service calls.

What happens if I have the basic coverage and I need more than 5 miles of towing?

We will cover the hookup fee and the first 5 miles of towing. You will be quoted the per-mile rate, which is usually between $5-$20 per mile. Payment is required before dispatch.

Do I have to be with my vehicle to receive service?

You must be present with the disabled vehicle to receive service. Service providers cannot assist an unattended vehicle. If you cannot be with the car, let the agent know so you can work out an alternative arrangement or exception. 

Do you cover the person or the vehicle?

We cover the person. With BWC, you can call for Roadside Assistance for any car you're traveling in, even if you are a passenger in a friend's vehicle or driving a rental car. (Please note that many rental car companies have their own roadside plans.)

Do humans answer the phone?

Yes! If you get our voicemail, please leave us a message. We are a small staff and sometimes get busy with other customers. Your call is important to us. But emails are often a quicker way to reach us. If you are calling for dispatch, an automated system will ask you what language you want, what type of vehicle you are requesting service for (car or bicycle), and what type of service you are looking for, ie. tow, jump, flat tire, etc. You then will be sent to a human.

When does the membership start?

It takes three business days to activate a Basic membership and 30 days to activate a Premium membership. You may also choose a later start date. We do not cover breakdowns that occur before you become a member or occur outside of active contract dates.

Can I upgrade my membership mid-year?

You can upgrade your membership online only at the time of renewal. Otherwise, you must call customer service to make any changes to your membership. All changes take three business days to take effect and are subject to approval. You cannot upgrade at the time of need.


What is an associate?

Associate members are defined as family members who live in the same household, including domestic partners. Children living away from home between the ages of 16 and 25 are also eligible to be an associate on a membership. You may have up to 3 associates on one account.


When will I receive my materials?

As part of our conservation mission, we do not automatically send you materials unless you request them. A card is not required to receive service. All you need is your member number and the 24/7 roadside assistance number found on the confirmation email you receive upon joining. This information is also available on the member site. We are happy to mail you the information if you prefer, which will arrive 7-10 business days after the request is made.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership at any time by phone or email. We offer a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days, provided you have not used any service calls. We will issue a prorated refund of unused membership dues, less the value of services rendered since the date of your enrollment or last membership renewal, whichever is more recent. 


What is your AAA price matching policy?

AAA has a different rate for every region. (Generally, this is defined by state boundaries, but some states have multiple regions, and some regions have multiple states.) In most areas, our rates are within a couple of dollars of AAA's rates, if not cheaper. We will honor a price match in those areas where we are more expensive. The programs must match the same policy for the same number of drivers in the household. For example, we cannot match their 200-mile program. Nor can we adjust the number of service calls allocated.

We do not price-match special promotions. 

The customer/member is required to provide us with price match information. You can send this to us via fax, email, or mail. You may also send a URL or a copy of the renewal form with the pricing and program information. In most cases, we will issue you a credit for the difference. If you send us the information first, we can enroll you over the phone at the matched rate.

We can match rates for our renewing members as well, but the member will need to provide us with the current rates for their region. You can email us the URL or a copy of your renewal letter.


Do you have maps?

Yes, we use Rand McNally to supply our maps. Members are limited to 3 maps per year due to rising printed maps and availability costs.


Do you have travel insurance?

Yes. Please contact member services, and we will refer you to our specialized agent. They charge a $35-$100 consultation fee, depending on the complexity of the booking.


Do you offer hotel discounts?

Yes. Hotel and other discounts are available through our discount partner, Abenity. Once you become a member, you will receive instructions by email on how to access the site.


Do you have insurance in my state?

Currently, we can provide quotes for all states.

My insurance can provide 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance service; why do I need Better World Club?

While many insurance companies offer roadside assistance, your insurance premium may go up due to using the service. 


What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is an action that aids in removing or eliminating carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Examples are supporting projects for solar and wind farms. For more information, click here.


24/7 Nationwide Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Do you cover E-bikes?

Yes. We got you covered.


How does Bicycle Roadside Assistance work?

Our Bicycle program is primarily a ride service. If you break down on your bicycle, we will pick you and your bicycle up and give you a ride home or to a bike shop. All plans cover 30 miles of transportation.

What sort of vehicle will be sent?

Depending on the bicycle and availability, a flatbed truck, large pickup, van, or SUV will be dispatched that can accommodate a passenger and a bicycle.

Will you pick me up on a trail?

No. You must be accessible by road.

Do you offer bicycle insurance?

No. Your best bet is to contact your homeowners' or renters' insurance provider.

How often can I call for service?

You are entitled to two service calls specifically for your bicycle. You are eligible for up to 30 miles of transportation per call. If you need more than two service calls or need to be towed more than 30 miles, we can still dispatch service, but you will be responsible for payment of the service/any overages.

My AAA offers this for free; how is your program different?

Only a handful of AAA regions offer bicycle assistance. They will only cover your bicycle if you are in your local region and nowhere else. A bicycle call will count towards your four automobile calls with AAA, while Better World Club gives you additional calls specifically for your bicycle. We also offer a bicycle-only policy and cover electric bicycles.

Do you offer roadside repairs?

In general, no. Vendors will arrive with common tools and may be able to assist if they are personally familiar with bicycles. But this is not something we can guarantee.

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