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Protect your car, home, and the environment with eco-friendly insurance.

It’s our mission to protect you and the planet. We'll help you find better Auto and Home Insurance at the best prices.​




Classic Automobile



Jet Ski 


Off Road Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle 

Snow Mobile 

Travel Trailer

Condominium Insurance

Renters Insurance 

Dwelling Fire

Inland Marine



Mobile Home


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Better World Insurance is now in all 50 states!

Why Choose Us?


Better World Club Insurance offers you a selection of insurance choices that fit your needs and your budget. No purchase is necessary, and you are not under any obligation to buy anything. We’re just providing you with the options and support you’ve requested. 


Even though auto insurance policies may appear the same, they're really not. We’ve teamed up with insurance specialists from some of the best agencies and insurance comparison platforms to provide a better solution to nationwide home and auto insurance from over 30 different insurers.





How does it work?


All you need to do is give our representatives a call. As a customer referred by Better World Club, you’ll receive a dedicated support person who will walk you through the entire process and help you choose the best option to meet your needs. 


What makes this different

  • We want you to buy only exactly what you need and to be informed when you do. 

  • We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you.

  • We have relationships with a carefully selected group of reputable insurance companies.

How does this help the environment?

Whether you like it or not, your car and home contributes to climate change. Each year, the average US household has a carbon footprint of 48 Metric Tons of CO2 and vehicle averages 5 metric tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. You can now offset some of those emissions when you sign up for insurance through one of our trusted partners.

Not all offsets are the same. We use Gold Standard Carbon Offsets, which are verified by third-party organizations to ensure the highest quality and impact. This means we fund the most effective sustainability projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. By choosing your insurance through our partners, you're saving money, getting better coverage, and making your purchase a little more sustainable. It's a win-win for you and the planet!

Get your Home and Auto Quote!

Get your free quotes in minutes. No hassle. No obligation. No hidden fees. We want you to have the best insurance coverage at the best price possible. That's our commitment to you. 


Insurance offerings vary state by state. As a result, no single underwriter services every customer adequately. Therefore we want to offer our customers a roster of underwriters to serve each region and niche competitively. This approach enables us to build a program with the best service for all of our members. We’ll get you to the right person to provide options for your insurance needs.

If you're in Massachusetts or California, please call:



If you're in the other 48 states, please call: 


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