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Green your company’s fleet with our
24/7 nationwide green roadside assistance.

Protect Your Company, Your Fleet, and Your Employees

Our mission is to provide quality service that balances social responsibility with your transportation needs. We have two unique programs for businesses and non-profit organizations: Fleet Roadside Assistance and Group-Rate Benefit Programs.


Whether you own a small business or non-profit, a university, or a large company, we will find the right program to fit your needs so that help is only a few minutes away.


Fleet Roadside Assistance

Fleet coverage includes emergency road service that stays with your vehicle, allowing multiple drivers to be protected by the safety and security of Better World Club’s roadside assistance. A Fleet is considered 10 or more company vehicles.

Fleet Coverage Includes:

  • Protection for all company vehicles.

  • Roadside assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Nationwide coverage (All 50 US States and the District of Columbia).

  • Drivers are also covered if they travel into Canada.

  • Variable distance towing programs.

  • Jump starts.

  • Gasoline delivery service.

  • Tire changes.

  • Lockout services.

  • Winching.

A fleet should have at least 10 vehicles to be considered for coverage. However, exceptions can be made for large commercial vehicles.

Group-Rate Benefits Programs

Interested in buying group memberships? Group rates will vary based on the organization's size, but the dedication and roadside assistance we provide for both bikes and cars will be the same for your entire staff.


Benefits to the Company

  • Great supplement to an employee benefit package.

  • Reinforces your commitment to sustainable action.

  • Provides the assurance and peace of mind of roadside assistance.

Benefits to Employees

  • Better World Club memberships at a discounted rate.

  • Nationwide hotel and car rental discounts.

  • Access to the only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance.

To find out more about Better World Club's Green Roadside Assistance for groups and fleet please contact us using the form below:

Thank you for your inquiry!

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